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Article: Watoto Burundi Children's Camp

Watoto Burundi Children's Camp

“We need to train children from an early age in peace, unity, and reconciliation.”

- Goreth, Amahoro Burundi Country Director
Amani Watoto in Kenya
Amani Watoto in Kenya

Three times a year, production at the Amani Kenya center shuts down and the focus shifts to the children of the trainees. The event is a day camp called Amani Watoto, "Children of Peace" in Swahili. The children celebrate peace and forgiveness through games, crafts, and stories. Though they come from different ethnic groups, they learn to accept each other and play together regardless of differences.The camp is run by Amani ya Juu mothers contributing their unique skills of teaching, organizing, and cooking. Goreth, now the Burundi Country Director, took part in Amani Watoto in Kenya as a refugee from Burundi.

Peace is something needed in children, so they will be thinking of peace in the future,” says Goreth. After several years in Kenya as refugees from Burundi, Goreth and her husband chose to bring the peace they had seen at Amani Kenya to their home. Today, the Burundi center employs 42 women and now Goreth is on a mission to bring peace to the next generation. As a country, Burundi has seen an incredible amount of violence. Goreth feels the key to the future of the country is children of peace. “They have a long life ahead of them, they will be models for this nation. The children of Amahoro are from different tribes, backgrounds, and religions. They should be working together.”

Goreth is asking that you help bring Amani Watoto to Burundi.  Donations made to Watoto Burundi will go to teaching materials, crafts, & hot lunches. To donate online, visit

[caption id="attachment_3348" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Goreth, Amahoro Burundi Dirctor Goreth, Amahoro Burundi Dirctor[/caption]

Meet the families of Amahoro Burundi

Hear from just a few of the mothers and children who will benefit from Watoto Burundi [caption id="attachment_3344" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Lydia with her three boys Lydia with her three boys[/caption]

 Lydia’s husband is a polygamous man with at least 5 known wives. In her 6 years with Amahoro Burundi, she has earned money to pay for food, rent, clothing, and school fees for her boys. In addition, she has purchased land where she will build a house for her children.

“Amahoro has brought blessings of peace in our home,” said her boys. “We have food, we go to school, and we have clothes and friends.”

[caption id="attachment_3346" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Anastasia, mother to 11 children Anastasia, mother to 11 children[/caption]

Anastasia has been with Amahoro for 7 years, and cares for her children with the help of her loving and respectful husband.

“We have very big hope,” said one of her many children. “We are all in school and eat twice a day. We used to eat once in two days. We have good health and hope for a better future.”

Anastasia is proud to provide for her family. “I earn a salary,” she says. “My role is to take care of women’s strength through cooking for them and taking care of them everyday for lunch.”

[caption id="attachment_3345" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Esperence with her family Esperence with her family[/caption]

Esperence has been with Amahoro for 5 years, and her husband repairs the machines as a volunteer.

“We are a happy family and loved by God. Amahoro is a door for us.” says Esperence. She shares that just a few years ago, she and her husband shared one small banana between the two of them and their 2 children for 3 days. “But now, we are so glad to eat twice a day.” Esperence and her husband are happy to be a part of Amahoro. “We live in peace and we love each other,” she says.  

To donate online, visit

Send checks to: AMANI FOUNDATION P.O. Box 28133 Chattanooga, TN 37424 *When writing checks, please indicate the donation is for "Watoto Burundi" in the memo line.

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