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Article: The Impact of Amani: Personal Stories from Immaculate & Dorothy

The Impact of Amani: Personal Stories from Immaculate & Dorothy

The Impact of Amani: Personal Stories from Immaculate & Dorothy

This year is Amani’s 21st year of ministry. Every new year gives us the opportunity to reflect back on the faithful work of God and look forward in hopeful anticipation for how he will continue to renew the growing Amani family in the years to come. One of the best ways to do that is to ask the people on the front lines: the women who are the past, present, and future of Amani!
The following interviews with Immaculate and Dorthy, one of our longest and one of our newest members at Amani Kenya, give a beautiful snapshot of the personal impact the ministry has made over the years, and how together as a community we are looking forward in faith!
photo of amani seamstress immaculate

Immaculate Mukankusi has been working at Amani for 17 years, originally coming from Rwanda as a refugee. She is separated and has 7 children. Two of her older children are now also working at Amani, so it’s a real family affair! She stitches many products, including oven gloves, hotpad, elephant and owl backpacks. A former Amani lady, Yvonne, first introduced her to Amani.

What made you want to join Amani?

I came to Kenya as a refugee; I was new and didn’t know much about Kenya. I was desperate. There was no life for me and my family. [Yvonne] told me that there is work. I needed a place to feel comfortable… somewhere to be able to take care of my family.

What was your first impression when you came to Amani?

I felt love and peace, and I saw God on that day. I felt like I was seeing my sisters!

What has been your most surprising experience at Amani?

Sometimes training seems to be difficult on new products but once you learn, you become the best stitcher and you even train someone! Also, the way Amani has faith in us when they are training us new designs -  it encourages [us].

What  growth changes have you seen in yourself and at Amani through your years here?

(Personally) Financial growth which enables me to take care of my children. I have grown spiritually and can lead someone to know Jesus Christ.

(At Amani) Many things! Ladies have become many, many friends. New buildings as we only started with two small buildings which were not even enough. Many machines which are powerful and many beautiful products.

What is your hope for each new woman who joins Amani?

That she can be able to learn as many products as I have learnt, to know God and be changed, and to experience Peace.


photo of amani seamstress dorothy

Dorothy Achieng joined the Amani family 6 months ago. She is Kenyan and married with 4 children. She was introduced to Amani through the local church lead by Pastor Kisia. She is now in the training program!

What made you want to join Amani?

To work with other women, to learn to stitch more products, and to help my family meet their needs.

What was your first impressions when you came to Amani?

Warm welcome! The hugs. The smiles. I know how to stitch but I have never seen these good and big machines, especially the quilting ones. The clothing designs were… wow! And morning prayers, as they do encourage us spiritually.

How has Amani helped you regain hope?

I wake up everyday and thank God for the work that he has blessed me with. My children are able to live a better life than before. I look forward to stitching the clothes.

As you meet other ladies at Amani what have you experienced?

Lots of encouragement and my heart feels lighter. [We are also] learning how to live with one another as we are a group of many women.

What is your hope for you and your family’s future?

To live a good life and for my children to be able to go to school.

The whole Amani family is in prayer and at work to seek the Peace of Christ together in our own hearts and in the lives of our families and neighbors. Please join us in prayer for this and in faithful action this year!

How can you get involved?
  1. Subscribe to our mailing list on our website for news, special opportunities to shop & donate, and ways you can pray for us.
  2. Shop our beautiful handmade products here to create financial stability for the ladies!
  3. Donate to a special fund or ministry program here.
  4. Represent Amani by becoming an Amani Ambassador here!
  5. Pray for wisdom, growth, and protection for the leaders, trainees, and all the Amani members.

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