Spiritual Retreat in Kenya

There is something exciting happening this week that we would like to share with you. This week, Amani will be having her annual Spiritual Retreat in Kenya! To make it special, an Amani team is coming from the US to participate in the retreat's activities.

You may wonder what the retreat is and how it changes things up at Amani Kenya?

During the retreat, there will be wellness sessions, which include topics like Muscles, Bones, and Aging; Art Therapy; and Healthy Living through Exercise. Through the wellness sessions, we also share our transformational stories of how God has healed and restored us.

We will enjoy lunch and chai (tea) together. Sharing food is the ultimate relationship builder!

Between sessions, the team will be working on Peace Projects. Such as playground refurbishing, herb garden replanting, etc.

All the Amani women’s children are included in this retreat too! Every year, the US team and the Amani moms organize a Watoto Children’s Day Camp. Kids love doing crafts, singing fun songs, and other activities centered around Jesus’ love.

The week will culminate with a Sankofa Fashion Dinner Show with a narrative telling our story of transformation.

Of course, there are expenses incurred to organize a retreat:
Money to pay 97 women of Amani who will work part-time that week. Food, supplies, transportation costs for Watoto Children’s Day camp, hot lunches for 97 people, Sankofa Transformation Fashion Narrative production fee, and Peace Projects expenses.

Please pray along with us. Each activity represents an opportunity to share in God’s love and grace among us and beyond us. Pray that God will prepare our hearts to receive His transformational work in each of our lives.

If you are interested in taking part in a trip to Amani Kenya, please contact Melanie Smith (melanie@amaniafrica.org)

If you are interested in donating and helping us pay for this retreat, please 

click this link to give: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=9N4XG7UEM7NSL

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