Mother's Day 2022

May 8, 2022

Friends of Amani,

As we near Mother’s Day we think of the many mothersrepresented at Amani ya Juu.  Living and working in a large African city like Nairobi of 4 million people comes with many challenges.  One of them is just getting the children ready for school each day while mom’s multi-task, preparing their own work for Amani.  

Burning the midnight oil (literally, as most of them do not have reliable electricity in their homes) mothers work vigorously in the evening helping their kids with homework, then prayer time together before going to sleep, while finishing up the stitching on products in order to take completed work with them to Amani the next morning.

Early in the morning moms are up before everyone else making sure the children's school uniforms are clean and ironed (some use coal iron) so they can look “smart”, as they say here with a British accent.  After preparing a warm porridge drink and a boiled yam the children are off to school.  Whew!

Amazingly, the moms always show up at Amani, after battling their way to work on hectic public transport, focused and engaged.  They do their work with excellence, while growing in their skill-sets, leadership abilities and faith in God.  They truly are Proverbs 31 women.  “She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands….She is clothed with strength and dignity.”

Happy Mother’s Day and love from all of us!

Becky Chinchen
Amani ya Juu Founder

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