News from the Sankofa Fashion Show!

Sankofa was a wonderful success! Thank you to everyone who was supporting and thinking of us during the months of preparation leading up to the fashion show. Below is a run through of the show. There were three sections, each with different styles of clothing depicting stages of life for Amani women!

Separation: All the women at Amani came here with broken hearts, longing to be healed. Many of the women come as strangers to Nairobi, looking for a community to call home. All have experienced a separation from the life they once knew. They are survivors searching for peace, and a way to make their hearts whole again.



Transformation: As the women learn to stitch, learn to adapt and learn to live in peace, they begin to pick up the pieces of their hearts. They find hope again and are transformed into women of faith who desire to share God’s peace with others.

Celebration: The women of Amani share joy despite their different backgrounds and are united into a new family built on God’s love. They become confident women leading others in peace and reconciliation. In the midst of continuing hardships there is freedom to celebrate.

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