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Marcelline with robertsport clutch  

Marcelline with the Robertsport Clutch $28

Marcelline's Story

Meet the woman behind the Robertsport Clutch and Monrovia Wristlet

"I come from Rwanda and I am a mother of one daughter. I have lived in Kenya 18 years as a refugee. Because of the events I have seen in Rwanda, I will never go back.
When I came to Amani ya Juu, I was down---I am a widow. At Amani, I have learned to stitch things like the Robertsport Clutch and a variety of other things. Wherever I go now, I can do something. I feel I am important now! I don’t know how to thank you. I thank God for Amani ya Juu."
Just a few of our Robertsport Clutch and Monrovia Wristlet colors! Clockwise from top left: White Gold Wine, Fold and Yellow, Purple Flower, and Blue. The original idea of Amani ya Juu in Africa grew out of the civil conflict in the West African nation of Liberia. 
Our Robertsport Clutch and Monrovia Wristlet bags are handcrafted using West African fabrics and natural dyes. They represent and support Africa’s pursuit of peace.

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