Many visitors to Amani ya Juu in Kenya agree that their favorite experience is a warm, enthusiastic greeting from Maggie, who works in the boutique. Nearly every day for the last 15 years, Maggie has ushered people into the life of Amani with hugs.

Maggie, Amani ya Juu

"What you do, no one else is going to do it. I always say, nobody's going to replace who you are and what God created you to be. Maybe they can resemble you, but they cannot be exactly the kind of person God created you to be. There is that responsibility and that kind of mission God wants you to carry through."

"(God) was preparing you and making a miracle so that you come and fulfill it. So that He can be glorified. Because He doesn't change, and He doesn't disappoint us. He carries us and he cares for us. For He knows what is good for us. He cannot disappoint us. He cannot."


Maggie, Amani ya Juu

"I always say, every challenge we get to our faith increases because that moment is when we say, 'Lord I trust in you.'"


Maggie, Amani ya Juu

"What I do I don't do it to be known in the world. I do it to know, Lord, what I'm doing I do for you. I want other people to come to know who you are."


"We need each other. Because your ideas are different from mine."


Maggie, Amani ya Juu

"Lord, you know in my heart, I'm proud because you made me to be who I am, but I'm humble at your feet. Because I'm nothing without you, and I know what I'm going to do I want to glorify your name. You know why you're using me like this."

Maggie, Amani ya Juu


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I am from Senegal and was living in Nairobi … I absolutely ADORE Maggie for her kindness and happy spirit. Please send my love to her. My name is Oumy and I am sure she remembers me. She can as well email me.

Oumy Sene July 25, 2017

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