April 30, 2008

Dear Amani friends,

This is a sad day for the Amani family. Charles Mwatha (husband to Anna), our faithful gate keeper, was killed on Monday. We are all grieving the loss of someone who was loved by all. Everyone who visited Amani knows Charles because he was the one everyone first met as he opened the gate.

Charles was due to testify in court next week against a policeman who had beat and robbed him last year as he was on the way to the bank with his hard earned savings. Charles’ family had pleaded with him to drop the case, especially after he received several threatening telephone calls, but he was determined to follow through for the hope that justice would be done.

Charles leaves behind his wife Anna and an extended family for whom he was responsible. Please pray for Anna that God’s peace and comfort will carry her through this tragic time in her life. The Amani women are with Anna constantly giving her the love and support she needs.

In His peace,
The Amani ya Juu family


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