Amani Friends Respond to Women in Crisis

January 7, 2008

Amani friends,

First we want to thank you for your overwhelming, generous response to the needs of the Amani women during this post election crisis in Kenya! The women are extremely grateful for their Amani friends around the world who have shared with them during their time of need. Over the weekend we were able to complete a full round of food distribution to 68 families in various parts of the city of Nairobi. We will begin with another distribution on Wednesday if possible.

Country wide rallies are being called by the opposition party on Tuesday which could turn violent. If there is calm on Wednesday the food distribution program will continue until the women can get back on their feet again and return to work at Amani.

The contents of the food package to each family: -- 2 head of cabbage -- 4 bananas -- 2 kg of potatoes -- 4 oranges -- 1 pack of salt -- 2 packs of corn flour (to make ugali) -- 1 kg of sugar -- 1 pack of tea -- 1 kg of rice -- 8 onions -- 8 carrots -- 1 kg of beans (for protein) -- 8 tomatoes -- 1 bar of soap -- 3 tins of charcoal (for cooking) --kg of cooking oil

The core values of Amani are to live in peace and reconciliation. This is the training the women have received while at Amani. Below is the letter that was put in each food packet to encourage the women to live out love and peace in their volatile communities.

Dear _______________,

Greetings of grace and peace in the New Year. We are so saddened by what is happening in Kenya. Our hearts are heavy with news of people being killed, displaced and property destroyed. May the Amani ya Juu in our hearts prompt us to reach out in love, peace and forgiveness to those around us. May we remember all the resources we have in Christ – love, grace, peace, forgiveness and prayer – helping us to stand firm in our faith and give us the stability we need during these difficult times. May we rise above the evil that is gripping the hearts of those involved in the violence so we can be a light of God’s peace during this dark hour of Kenya’s history. This gift of food was provided by our Amani friends from around the world. They are also praying for us. We thank God for His provision during such a time of need as this. Our love and prayers to you and your family.

Thank you, on behalf of all the women of Amani. 

Becky Chinchen

Director, Amani ya Juu

Emergency Food Distribution Fund

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