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Article: A Kenyan Love Story: Lydia & Joel

A Kenyan Love Story: Lydia & Joel

A Kenyan Love Story: Lydia & Joel


Lydia Wright started out with Amani as an intern at Amani Uganda. Now she is our International Operations Coordinator in Kenya. We are privileged to share many big life events with her, including when she became Mrs. Lydia Rudasumbawa by marrying Joel!

Lydia and Joel’s story all started when they spotted each other across the church. Joel playing bass in the band, Lydia enjoying the music. Little did they know, at that moment, their love story had just begun!

What stood out in your first moments of meeting?
Joel —"I was playing bass in the band and I saw a lady wearing a jacket and a khaki pant. She was beautiful."

Lydia —"The first time I noticed him was in church, in a worship band. He has a really nice voice, and he is good looking. He staged himself for that moment."

How do you foster a strong relationship?
Joel —"I try to see things from her perspective and see how we can work together towards our vision. I have also grown closer to her as a friend."

Lydia —"Learning to let go of small issues as I raise questions like, 'How will this affect me in the next 5 years?' 

How have you learned to love and appreciate each other in marriage?
Lydia —"I respect him; I have learned to appreciate him as Joel. It's fun to see all the new things he is interested in  like growing plants, cooking, and going back to school. He makes sure he does what he has put his mind into and does an excellent job."

Joel —"She is generous. She loves to have healthy relationship with those that she loves. She forgives and is willing to work on making good relationships."

What now attributes to your marriage and makes it special?

Lydia “I just love being around him. Even when I am annoyed at him, I still want to be around him. We have a lot in common like our life goals, our sense of humor, and our values making it easy for us to communicate. We also value each other's opinions equally, even if they are not the same. We try to keep a vision of working together through everything.”

How have you grown in love toward Lydia?

Joel “I try to make her happy. I try to see things from her perspective and see how we can work together towards our vision. I really appreciate her more as a person. I have also grown to know her as a closer friend.” 

How does Joel express his love to you each day? 

Lydia “Small things like making me breakfast. He learns my expectations and always tries to meet them, like going on dates, foot massages, and other ways I receive love!”

What is your favorite thing to do together? 

Lydia “We love to talk about our dreams for the future. Mostly we relax and spend quality time together in the afternoons. But our very favorite thing to do is vacation together!”

Relationships, especially marriage, are a beautiful part of God's plan for whole-life peace. Celebrate those you love this Valentine's Day!

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