2023 Spiritual Retreat

The Amani Kenya family took time together for a Spiritual Retreat. 

We were all blessed with nine special women from the U.S. who shared their own sacred journeys on topics such as: 

  • Seeking Approval
  • Life after Trauma
  • Growing in Grief
  • The Love Story That Changed My Life
  • Good In, Bad Out
  • My Story, His Story
  • Depression and Anger
  • Being Yourself
  • Connecting to Your Roots
Their presentations gave us much needed time to pause and reflect on our own struggles and circumstances. As Monica Kaleve put it so well, “Through their testimonies, we were able to understand that in this life we all go through seasons. Our challenges are different and when you look upon God for help, he will never leave you. He is our real help.”

Here are some of the heartfelt thoughts from the Amani women...


“When I was planning to host the Team for breakfast at my house I bought two khangas. On the day the visitors came to my home I wrapped the two young ladies with a lesso, like a mother wraps her daughters with something precious. They are my own daughters now.  We ate and had fellowship together. I shared how God changed my life from loneliness and bitterness to the happy woman I am today.”



Veronica Wanja - “The team was very loving. They really had a heart to serve us. They had humility and patience during training. The team was very open to share and also ready to learn from us.”

Ingrid Ingabire -  “Mary explained to us about boundaries.  In everything, there has to be protection by setting boundaries.  Every part of our body should have boundaries. These are gifts from God that should bring honor and glory to Him.”


The team also participated in various Peace Projects which brought us together as sisters, for the improvement of the facilities and to experience the everyday life of Amani.   

More highlights during our retreat:
Mary Hand had a devotional book translated into Swahili for all 50 of the Amani stitchers.
Funds were raised for sewing machines. Janiver, one of our most advanced stitchers, was awarded an electric machine.
We had a mother daughter duo -- Stephanie and Ella Kate. Stephanie’s perspective on Amani: “I learned that Amani is not an NGO but a business built to help women who are displaced from a supportive society, due to circumstances beyond their control.  Amani empowers them to work towards stabilizing their circumstances and restoring peace to their lives through a God-centered family work environment.”


“Perfume and incense brings joy to the heart, and the sweetness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.”
Proverbs 27:9

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