Sankofa Flower Amani ya Juu T-Shirt

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Stand in solidarity with Amani in her mission of bringing Higher Peace ("Amani ya Juu") to communities everywhere! Soft with comfy fit, our Amani T-Shirts are a hip way to show off your support of Amani and a peace-loving way of life. Be reminded to live out peace. And rest in the promise that "those who promote peace find joy" (Prov. 12:20).

The "Twistings" symbol:  Africa often communicates her wisdom through symbols. This African motif, called Nkyinkyim by the Adinkra of Ghana, is literally translated as "twists and turns."It symbolizes the winding path that life takes, and how one must be versatile and resilient to succeed. This symbol has been embraced by the women of Amani. “Twistings”, through hardships and losses, are all too common in real life. Amani provides a safe space where personhood and worth is regained, the will to pick up the pieces and begin living again revived. Passion returns. New skills prepare us for a new path. Life takes on meaning and purpose once again.


  • Cotton, polyester, rayon blend
  • Machine wash cold. Tumble low dry.

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