Kanga Scarf

$ 24

East African kangas are given to express love. The woman who receives a kanga finds many uses for it such as a tablecloth, a bed covering, or as a wrap. Each colorful piece of fabric has a Kiswahili message. You will find the unique message on your kanga in Swahili and, along with a card featuring the same message in English.

Each kanga features several colors, but we have named them based upon the most prominent color. The designs vary, but floral is a theme in each design. Available in several colors with quotes: 

"I am bringing you a gift, please receive it."- Skyline Blue

"There is no one like parents."- All Aztec

"We wish you well in your life."- All Stripes & Dots


  • approx 64" x 46"
  • Gentle wash, cold water, line dry. The kangas are quite stiff at first, but soften up after a few washes. 

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