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Article: Amani 2021 Impact Report

Amani 2021 Impact Report

Amani 2021 Impact Report

Amani ya Juu Celebrates Another Year of God's Faithfulness: 2021 Impact Report


Amani Watoto

Children supported through the Watoto School Sponsorship program:

  • 38 children in school

From David Jackson, Ingrid’s Son:

"I am very grateful for you making it possible for me to go to school. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will keep on praying for you every day."

Amani kids attended the Watoto Camp where they learn Christian values

  • 22 Kids attended the Watoto Camp this year. It was the first camp since the pandemic.

From Jarmaine, Bella’s Son:

"During Amani Watoto I experienced fun, happiness, joy, and peace. I had missed the watoto camp because we had stayed for a long time not going for camps due to COVID-19, but that day I was happy I got a chance to play with other kids that I had not seen for a long time."

From Gladys’ Son:

“Mommy, why can’t we have Amani Watoto everyday?”


Amani Sales

40% increase in earnings for the women from increase of sales!

Amani Chattanooga sent more funds back to the African centers last year through US sales than any year prior: $128,208!


Amani Visitors

Tours given during 2021

  • Number of people who toured: 222 visitors from all over the world toured Amani Kenya.

*COVID did not stop people from visiting Amani to see first hand the miracle of God’s peace.*

The tour groups are always impacted to hear the stories of the ladies who are from different countries and backgrounds working together in unity.

Amani hosted 2 international mission teams.

*These were the 1st teams after the country had been shut down due to COVID.

Transformational spiritual topics presented:

Healing from Trauma


"We feel so important and loved that they would come all the way over here, and spend so much time and effort and resources, just so they could bless us!"


Amani Training Program

Graduates of the training program

5 graduates completed the 3 year training program, upgrading sewing skills and leadership development.

With our new production structure, the ladies earned more money while producing the products faster.

We brought 3 new ladies to Amani to stitch on the assembly line team and added 1 new line manager, Stella.

With the new system it takes 8 hours for 3 women to stitch 33 folded shopping bags.

Compared to 1 women stitching from home, making 33 bags in 2 weeks. 


Recipients of the Sewing Machine Subsidy Program

  • Safi- Very thankful that she will no longer need to rent a machine to stitch her work at home.


Amani Community

Amani is now open on Sundays ….for church!!

Amani is hosting an international church in the Amani garden.

50 - 60 people attend and worship together every Sunday.


Amani Garden Cafe

*Amani Garden Cafe has been therapeutic for lockdown weary people*

Amani Cafe Sales are almost back to pre-COVID days.

Approximately 1,163 customers were served during 2021!

Amani Garden Cafe added vegan dishes to our cafe menu!

  • Vegetarian Amboseli Halloumi & Mango Salad (V): Mixed green salad with marinated strips of grilled halloumi, mango, carrots, red pepper, purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes & toasted cashews. Served with our homemade sweet honey-mustard dressing.

Customer favorite dessert: Everyday Birthday Cake!

Product Development

We developed a quilt patterns and 2 new pillows

Triangle Burst Quilt

Zebra Pillow

Snowbird Pillow

Amani Celebrates

Amani Chattanooga is 10 years old!

Amani ya Juu celebrated it's 25th anniversary last year. 

Celebrating 25 years of Peace from Above!

To mark the occasion Amani presented a Sankofa Fashion Dinner Show, telling the story of transformation in the lives of the women.

Enjoy the show! Click here to watch on Youtube: Fashion Show Narrative


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