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Faru the Rhino

Pembe the Rhino

$ 14.00

Pembe is a hand-batiked plush (stuffed) animal made at Amani Kenya. Hand-batiked purple fabric.  The Rhino is generally considered a peaceful beast. Even though this majestic animal weighs around 2 tons, it has a surprisingly springy gait. The Rhino has roamed free in Africa for thousands of years. Many believe that the rhino has magical properties that cure problems. Today, unfortunately, rhino are being hunted and killed horn which is made of keratin, the stuff that makes up hair and nails. If this continues the rhino will become extinct.

Whether Pembe the Rhino is a gift for a little one or yourself, remember that peace (“amani”) leads us to live in harmony with nature. 100% cotton.

Approx Dimensions: 8″x5″ at widest

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