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Mud Cloth Stick Quilt

Amani ya Juu

Mud Cloth Stick Quilt

$ 260.00

Handmade quilt from Amani Kenya made by Delphine. Each piece of mud cloth on this stunning quilt tells a story. The symbols, the arrangement, color and shape reveal the mysteries of West African Culture. White cotton and mud cloth. Brown backing. Hand-dyed fabrics. 100% Cotton.  Dimensions approx: 88" x 103"

Dry clean only.

Made with the same mud cloth used in tribal ceremonies, this quilt will immerse you in West African culture as you relax in your North American home. May you enjoy it as a rich symbol of peace in your household.

One of Amani Kenya's specialty products are handmade quilts. Designed and crafted in Nairobi, Kenya, each quilt is one-of-a kind.

First, some fabrics are hand dyed, batiked, and screen printed at Amani Kenya. Traditional East African kitenge and kikoi fabrics and well as high-quality West African mud cloth are also incorporated into each masterpiece. Our quilters also upcycle their scrap fabric from other textile products to create these earth friendly products.

Next, quilters measure and cut all scraps and cloth. Each quilt incorporates scraps that are uniquely measured and cut.

After that, quilters hand stitch all of the bindings and use a free-arm sewing machine to quilt swirl, meander, and floral designs.

Finally, a quilter labels her handiwork with our Amani path symbol to represent our individual lives coming together for a common journey towards peace and reconciliation.

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