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Kitenge Elephant

Amani ya Juu

Kitenge Elephant

$ 14.00

A kitenge plush elephant handmade by the ladies of Amani Uganda. This tiny fellow is the perfect gift for any lover of the majestic elephant! Blue kitenge fabric with black, yellow, and green detail. Braided tail. The mighty African Elephant is the largest land animal as well as one of the most intelligent animals. Aside from humans, elephants are the only other species known to grieve their dead. Elephants are mercilessly hunted for their tusks which are used to make jewelry and ornaments. Whether this elephant is a gift for a little one or yourself, remember that peace (“amani”) leads us to live in harmony with nature.

The women at Amani Uganda are recovering from Joseph Kony’s rebel war with the Ugandan Government. After being abducted during the war, each woman at Amani was either conscripted to fight for the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) or forced to become someone’s wife. Those forced to be “wives” were in as much danger as the fighters. If two men wanted the same girl (“girl” because they were ages 9 to 16), they might simply kill her to resolve the conflict. Amani provides not only physical support through sewing skills, but also empowers and inspires women to be proud of their work and their children. They are encouraged each day through the community of women, the sharing of devotions, group counseling, home visits, and the hard work they do in making high-quality products.

Approx 6" long, trunk to tail

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