"Christmastime" Patchwork Quilt

$ 220

"Christmastime" Patchwork Quilt is from Amani Kenya and made by Beatrice Aume. This beautiful quilt is a decadent mix of rich colors and fabrics that bring a feeling of home for the Holidays. Tri panel backing. Dimensions 84″ x 63″. 100% cotton.

One of Amani Kenya’s specialty products are handmade quilts. Designed and crafted in Nairobi, Kenya, each quilt is one-of-a kind.

First, some fabrics are hand dyed, batiked, and/or screen printed at Amani Kenya. Traditional East African kitenge and kikoy fabrics as well as high-quality West African mud cloth are sometimes incorporated into each masterpiece.

Next, quilters measure and cut each piece.

After that, quilters hand-stitch all of the bindings and use a free-arm sewing machine to quilt, swirl, and meander unique patterns.

Finally, a quilter labels her handiwork with our Amani path symbol to represent our individual lives coming together for a common journey towards peace and reconciliation.

Dry Clean only

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