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What is a Box Party?

Amani Africa Fair Trade VolunteersA volunteer box party is an event where people come together to learn about and support Amani ya Juu.

These gatherings are hosted throughout the United States by volunteers who receive boxes of products to sell to their friends, family, and communities. An event could take place in your home, at school, with a civic organization, through a church, or any other venue you can imagine! It is a unique way to share about the women of Amani and how the organization is helping to rebuild lives and communities. Amani products provide a natural way to bring people together and bring awareness to a wonderful cause. Each party is unique, but we provide presentation materials and information for you to share the mission and story of Amani ya Juu with others.


What can I expect to receive in my box?

Amani Africa Volunteer SaleAmani ya Juu Volunteer SaleOur Warehouse in Chattanooga, Tennessee will send you a box full of products made at our Amani Africa centers. Most of the items in each box come from Amani Kenya, our largest center, but you may also receive products from other African countries. Each box contains approximately $2,000 worth of Amani products. This includes our most popular items and newest designs in bags, jewelry, kitchen goods, and children’s items, for you to display and sell at your Gathering. Our Volunteer Coordinator will help you determine the amount of product appropriate for the size of your event. Further payment materials will arrive in your box to assist you in sending in the monies after the sale, as well as return the leftover items after your Amani event.

What are my responsibilities as an Amani Volunteer?

Host a volunteer sale with Amani AfricaVolunteers agree to support Amani by selling products and sharing the story of the women. Volunteers are responsible for receiving their box, checking the contents, promoting their event by inviting friends and members of their community, hosting an event to sell the products they receive, and returning collected monies and any unsold products within two weeks of the event to our US Warehouse. We estimate that the total time commitment is about 10 hours. Because boxes are sold on consignment, volunteers are not required to pay for products up front nor are they required to pay for items that do not sell. Our Volunteer Coordinator will work with you to schedule your sale date and wrap-up date as well as help answer any questions that come up.

How will my box party help the women at Amani?

Amani Africa Fair Trade ProductionAs a volunteer, your involvement through selling Amani products is a key part of ensuring that Amani continues thriving and touching women’s lives in a holistic manner. The project is self-sustainable, so income generated through product sales provides support for the women and their families and sustains the growth and development of the Amani centers. Volunteers also have the privilege of sharing the stories of hope and transformation from women’s lives who have experienced true peace through products that go Beyond Fair Trade.

I’m ready to start planning my party! What do I do next?

If you are interested, please contact the volunteer coordinator at We’re ready to start planning your box party with you today!



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