Black and white photo woman sewing

The last week of March, the Amani administration made the heart-wrenching decision to temporarily close Amani Kenya until the corona virus is no longer a threat to the health and safety of the Amani family.

This was one of the hardest decisions to make because, as all of you know, many of the Amani women live on the edge of survival, working every day to provide for their daily needs of food and shelter.  After the news was announced at the meeting, some women remained in their seats for a very long time, heads bowed, somber faces, contemplating what their life will be like without Amani.

We have heard from Simprosa and John, directors of the Uganda Center, that they have had to shut down their facility as well. 

For the first time in 26 years, the Amani gates will be closed to those yearning for a better life.  The hum of sewing machines will no longer pulsate through the halls and the Amani chapel will be empty of laughter and singing. 

Our founder, who is currently in Nairobi, Kenya experiencing the struggle that has taken hold of the country, left the women with these words:

“…we have to trust the Lord.  As He has carried us through joys and sorrows over the years, we now have to trust Him with this loss.  He knows about our situation and He will not abandon us. What we are facing is much bigger than us. All we can do is look to Him who is our Rock, the One who is higher than us.” 


Psalm 61


Our goal for the 1-2 month anticipated shutdown is to offer 120 women $100 a month to buy food and other basic necessities. US citizens are blessed to have a government that is able to offer them assistance. However, the Amani women are on their own to face the fallout.

Would you join with us to support the women during this temporary situation by donating to our Emergency Fund?