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Visit an Amani center in Africa

Each Amani center is a unique community and peaceful space where visitors are welcomed. In Africa, visitors are considered great blessings. If you plan to visit an Amani center on your own, or if you are travelling with a large group, be sure to contact the center you plan to visit to get the most up-to-date information on their hours and to ask about a tour. We hope to welcome you soon!

Visit our Contact page to locate the information for the Amani center you wish to visit.

Learn and Serve at Amani

Amani is committed to equipping people with the skills they need to flourish personally and professionally. Most notably, this happens through the training program on which our model for development and reconciliation is based: women learn to work together, and through this work they both earn an income and build community.

Amani also encourages individual growth through internships and volunteers. Interns and volunteers focus on learning about Amani’s holistic model through participation in the everyday life at an Amani center. Most interns also complete a project in line with their interests which will be of service to Amani while gaining valuable work and personal experience. Amani has made significant steps of growth through interns in the past. They and their communities are a special part of the Amani family.

All Amani centers in Africa and the United States are equipped to host interns and volunteers, but capacity and schedules vary. To find out more about this type of involvement, please send an inquiry to

Please note: Interns are considered on a case-by-case basis. Students wishing to intern for credit will have to work with their academic institutions to ensure their internship at Amani is accepted as credit. Amani internships are unpaid.

US Center Volunteers

Amani’s US centers rely on relatively small staffs to manage operations and always welcome volunteers who can support this work by sharing their time and skills. Sharing Amani’s vision of peace is one of the things the women at our Africa centers do best, and our US staff carries on that legacy of extending peace in our local communities. Regular, committed volunteers who give of their time to help in our shops or assist in the Amani US Warehouse. We know not everyone has time to regularly volunteer at Amani, so we always have special tasks ready for people who are not trained in our shop or warehouse procedures. Groups of volunteers also make big projects and special events possible.

To find out about volunteering at a US center, contact Amani Chattanooga directly: 

Physical Address:

420 S. Willow St.

Chattanooga, TN 37404

Mailing Address:

511 S. Hawthorne St. Unit 3302

Chattanooga, TN 37404-3065

tel: 423.531.6496

fax: 423.531.6497



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