Horn Vase

$ 56

The Ankole cow, which is bred for the agriculture industry in Kenya, can grow horns up to an impressive 8 ft. in length - the Ankole horns are longer than any other cattle species in the world!  And depending on the diet, the hue of the horn can range anywhere from a deep satin black to a pristine pearly white.  Available at Amani in varying shades of cream and white.  Sure to be a conversation starter in your home!

A Kenyan market artisan partnership. Learn more about our artisans' handmade products here.


  • Best for dry flower arrangements, however to display fresh flowers while protecting your horn vase, insert a smaller glass vase into your decorative vase
  • Dimensions range slightly but the average height 10.5"
  • Average diameter of the opening is 4.5"

Horn Care:

  • If necessary to wash, do not use chemical solvents, and dry promptly
  • After washing, oil both outside and inside with coconut oil or olive oil
  • Horn can crack and dry out as it is a natural material, much like leather, and will need to be oiled yearly, or more frequently in dryer climates


  • Do not put horn in the dishwasher
  • Do not let horn soak in water for prolonged periods of time, this will cause splitting and delaminating

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