DIY Saturday

Join us every 2nd Saturday of the month for health based workshops! Each course is lead by Portia, our very own Ambassador coordinator, who is also passionate about clean living and essential oils. As a Young Living Oils Representative, she will guide through the ins and outs of easy changes we can make in our own homes. 

    • June 8th - pain relief cream + energy roller (fitness "theme")

    • July 13th - mermaid hair (hair growth) spray + lash growth serum 

    • Aug 10th - focus roller + stress roller (back to school) 

    • Sept 14th - stain roller + stinky shoe spray 

    • Oct 12th - dry shampoo + perfume 

    • Nov 9th - perfume + moisturizer


420 S. Willow St. 

Chattanooga, TN.