We Are Blessed

The Amani ya Juu family is blessed.

The Amani centers have experienced abundant generosity and have overcome many obstacles in the last year.

We invite you to enjoy these images and stories of growth from our centers in 2013.

amani kenya Amani Kenya Nairobi, Kenya This year, five women graduated from Amani Kenya's sewing program, adding to a growing list of women who have been mentored and are now leading others. Among them was Susan (pictured above) who is a production leader for pillows and wall hangings. Susan, a single mother, came to Amani 5 years ago. When Susan joined us she could not stitch no matter how hard she tried. Now, she not only produces beautifully constructed and complex products, but she is also guiding others. We are blessed by the growth and transformation we have seen in the lives of those who are a part of the Amani family and network. amani chatanooga Amani Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN, USA Amani Chattanooga has been blessed with 3 new staff members, dozens of new volunteers hosting Amani sales, and a number of very needed renovations and improvements, including a beautiful mural on our external wall. The Chattanooga community has embraced us! This year, we have gained several frequent volunteers (like Diane pictured above) who have come alongside our staff and are excited about spreading the work of peace. amani burundi Amahoro Burundi Bujumbura, Burundi In the past year, Amahoro  Burundi has grown to 42 women. In 2014, we hope to find a new building so we can accommodate this new growth! Ashlee Gadd Photography_Amani Liberia-38 Amani Liberia Yekepa, Liberia Amani Liberia has been blessed with many opportunities to grow in 2013! Our most exciting news is that we finalized our export process and our first consignment made it successfully to the states! This is great news because it allows us to meet our demands faster and opens doors for new Amani Liberia customers! The members are so thankful to God knowing that in 2014 they will have plenty of work. 3579947684_f8284aa151_o AmaniDC  Washington, DC, USA In the past year, AmaniDC has remained healthy despite many challenges. We've made many new friends who have served as loyal customers and volunteers. We've also been able to bring peace to the US in a new way by starting one of our dream projects---a job-skills training program for low-income DC women. amani uganda Amani Uganda Gulu, Uganda In the last year, Amani Uganda moved into a larger workshop with a storefront! We have been able to acquire seven new sewing machines, enabling us to provide consistent work for current seamstresses as well as three new members. A motorbike was also donated to us, which is very valuable for picking up more kitenge and other needed materials.

Thank you for supporting the Amani ya Juu family.


What a lovely year end update. I am so happy that you are gaining popularity, skills, people in your org, loved ones, supporters and inventory as well as a handle on how to work the import/export process—that’s a difficult and onerous business that had to be learned and you did it !~! So proud of you. I hope to be able to purchase some of your fantastic inventory this year as gifts for loved ones and others I come into contact with in my life.

Lynda Otvos July 25, 2017

Thank you so much Lynda! We love having your support.

usaamani July 25, 2017

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