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Amani ya Juu — injustice

"My Seamstress Died Last Week"

Bangladesh clothing collapse factory fair trade injustice tragedy

"My Seamstress Died Last Week"

Christianity Today recently posted an article in response to the tragic garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. We liked it so much we thought we'd repost it here. Please share your thoughts below! CRAFTIVIST COLLECTIVE / FLICKR Ignoring Worker Injustice Won't Make It Go Away APR 30, 2013 Taking the source of our shopping seriously. Wendy McMahan, guest writer . My seamstress died last week. She was crushed when an eight-story building fell on her. It's tragic. I'm outraged. Somehow, the clothes on my back—the clothes I bought and will buy—are intertwined in what could be Bangladesh's worst industrial disaster to date, killing more than...

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